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About Stiddard

Stiddard are transforming their once traditional accountancy practice into a fresh new organisation that their clients see more as a business partner than simply an unavoidable cost. They are adding a new dimension to the skills of their accounting professionals by educating them to deliver a 3-step process that brings order to the numbers, translates the numbers into business strategy and partners the client in the application of the strategy.

The journey to date has built a firm with a far greater understanding of what it takes to run a successful business and as the full picture starts to emerge, Bob Stiddard and his team are revealing a service that is set to drive standards for all of their clients.

Stiddard has offices in Maidstone, Reigate, Tunbridge Wells and Sittingbourne, and has built up trusted relationships with our clients over many years.



We believe that the prime purpose of good record keeping is to provide the key numbers that dictate on-going management decisions. We therefore put great emphasis on the provision of a quality book-keeping and management accounting service. We are proud of our excellent in house training facility providing courses from basic book-keeping through to more complex management accounting.   There is of course no getting away from the formal requirements of HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House and whilst this may not be the prime reason for good record keeping the minimisation of tax liabilities and complying with the authorities is a an important bi-product. We provide all of the standard accounting services to ensure that you are fully compliant including Personal and Corporation Tax Returns, Annual Accounts, Payroll and VAT.


It is important to put numbers based decision-making into the context of your business strategy. This means having simple numbers based short and medium term business plans that allow actual numbers to be compared with projected numbers. The variance between the numbers achieved and the numbers as planned dictates where the focus needs to be in making on-going improvements. We know that this is not an easy process, particularly in deciding which numbers are your key performance indicators. We therefore provide multiple levels of assistance from a basic workshop through partnering with you in the production and monitoring of your business plans. We passionately believe that if more businesses would adopt this approach there would be many less failures.


The emergence of a strategy based on the numbers has no value unless it can be successfully executed. We live by the principle that our function is not just to advise but to actively assist in the execution of that advice and ensure that its true value is realised. This means we are able to provide suitable resources to assist in addressing the specific issues that are revealed by the numbers. The areas for improvement tend to fall into four main categories – Sales and Marketing, Gross Profit Margin, Overhead Management and Time Management. We are very proud of our responsibility for the UK overhead management of a globally recognised sports team in the UK and our close relationship with their management in the UAE.

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Stiddard Kent Limited

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Registered in England and Wales - 06586924

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